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From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 26 Oct 2007

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> > Michael Moorcock is supposed to have written at least one of the
> Janson books, the long-running English hardboiled series. At one
> I knew the title but don't have that info handy at the moment.
> years ago when I was sitting next to him at a signing I was
tempted to
> ask him about the Hank Janson rumor, but I didn't.
> At least on online source seems to credit him with a single "HJ"
> story:
> "The Girl Who Shot Sultry Kane" (as Hank Janson), in _Golden
> April 1965.
> Todd Mason (who's queried the assembled on FictionMags for any
> work under that name)
Hubin's CRIME FICTION IV does not list a Hank Janson novel by Moorcock. It does credit Moorcock with ghosting at least one of the Sexton Blake novels under the name Desmond Reid. Hubin lists Moorcock among the writers on CARIBBEAN CRISIS (1962).

Richard Moore

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