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Date: 26 Oct 2007

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> On 10/26/07, Richard Moore <moorich@...> wrote:
> > [Leigh] Brackett's brooding loner hero is exemplified in her
stories of Eric
> > John Stark. She wrote in a sub-form sometimes called science
> > fantasy as it has elements of both SF and fantasy. In clumsy
> > this can turn into a silly, juvenile mess but Brackett was a
> > and her best stories are transporting.
> Note, also, that Leigh Brackett wrote "The Empire Strikes Back."

Just before she died, she wrote the first draft of the script, which I suspect was dumbed down by both credited re-drafter Lawrence Kasdan and by George Lucas, at least one of whom should've known better. Still, the least bad film of that franchise that I've seen (I've missed two of the six, and intend to go on missing them, having been dragged to all but the first by family or friends).

Todd Mason

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