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From: Nathan Cain (
Date: 26 Oct 2007

I've never read Valis. I think the one I've read that hangs together best is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? It's his most coherent in terms of plot, which is an accomplishment because it was also one of his more complex novels. I had been thinking of rereading it again before it cropped up here, and I might just have to move it to near the top of my list. Incidentally, back in 1998 a Blade Runner computer game got made, and it got closer to the source material than any version of Ridley Scott's movie ever managed to do.
(How many of them are there now, 20?). Every once in a while it crops up on lists of best computer games. It's worth checking out if you're into Dick and old school adventure games.

On 10/26/07, <> wrote:
> Nathan wrote:
> "Dick had a lot of talent, undisciplined as he was. He could've been
> more than a cult figure if he had been more serious about his craft and
> less so about the drugs."
> I thought the best by far of the 8 to 10 of his books I've read was
> Valis, though it doesn't really fit in here. There he showed some of
> the discipline you so rightly claim he lacked. Perhaps because it was a
> complete rewrite of a book his editors asked for a minor rewrite on,
> Rado Free Albemuth.
> Mark

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