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Date: 25 Oct 2007

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> Re your comment below:
> "Terrorists don't see them as innocent. Guilt by
> association. No innocents, other than the terrorists
> themselves, die in terrorist attacks."
> I said this was an existential bone I didn't really
> want to pick, but, since YOU insist:
> I don't claim to be able to see into the mind of
> terrorists, but, from a strictly tactical point of
> view, the whole point of a genuine act of terrorism
> seems obviously to be predicated on the premise that
> the victims are innocents who have nothing really to
> do with the issue at hand.
> Hence, the strategy is to move a government or an
> institution to make concessions based, not on whether
> or not they're actually taking any hits themselves,
> but on their concern for the lives of the innocents.

sounds like the nazis' air war on Britain

here's another distinction: those we consider "terrorists", the current practitioners of the craft who are motivated by muslim extremism, don't think of themselves as terrorists, but rather holy warriors. they aren't trying to motivate an enemy government, (at least the actual suicide bombers aren't, their leaders may be more nefarious) they are doing their bit to rid the world of heathens and collect their reward in paradise for doing so

heck Jim, to me that sounds like if they mutter their language in colloquial fashion to each other, that makes them hardboiled

John Lau

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