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Date: 25 Oct 2007

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While those are certainly good examples of the blend, is it really anything new? We've talked often about how pulpsters like, say, Woolrich worked in different genres, but often had a noir cast no matter the genre. And in the archives are lists or noir wesyterns, noir sci fi, etc. At various times, hasn't noir been combined with horror
(Falling Angel), sci fi (the cyberpunks, especially John Shirley and KW Jeter), etc?


I guess sf/noir isn't new. I'm not familiar with those you mention, but now I'm thinking of Joe Lansdale's Western sf/noir from several years ago. Probably Daniel Woodrell's Woe to Live On could fall into the Western/noir category also. However, I think my point was that noir is becoming a trend--I probably should have said again--and these variations are some of the examples of its continuing evolution. I don't agree that a "noir cast" necessarily makes for a noir novel, however. Vicki

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