Re: RARA-AVIS: Leave Her to Heaven

From: Kat Richardson (
Date: 24 Oct 2007

I saw this film when I was a young adult, and was rather annoyed and unimpressed with it. It didn't have the feel of traditional noir or hardboiled--very much more a melodrama. It was unable to hook me or make me care about what a complete, jealous bitch Ellen was. Maybe men are more shocked by the horrible things women are capable of, but the depths to which Ellen was willing to sink in exercising her insanity weren't actually new ideas to me--only a matter of degree.

Tierney looked great and Jeanne Crain as the spunky little sister was exactly as ordered at central casting, but the film itself had very few teeth for my money. Why this is referred to as "women's noir" I'm not sure, since it seemed to play more to the fears men had about women and the stereotypes they appied to what women "ought to be like" than what women actually thought and did.

Maybe I'll prefer the book, now I'm older, but I'm kind of doubting it.

Kat Richardson

--- In, DJ-Anonyme@... wrote: > > Jeff, > > Haven't read the book, but if the movie is faithfull to it (as Ed says), > then it's an odd (odd, not bad) wedding of Douglas Sirk type melodrama > and noir (talking about plot and actions, it's actually mostly in pretty > bright colors). And as Ed says, she's quite an interesting bitch. > > Mark >

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