RARA-AVIS: Dan J Marlowe and John Godey

From: nqexile ( nqexile@yahoo.com.au)
Date: 24 Oct 2007

I have had the pleasure of reading 'One Endless Hour' recently. I was struck by its strong similarity to another book, this being John Godey's 'The Three Worlds of Johnny Handsome'. Marlows book is copyright '69 and Godey's is Copyright '72 so it might be a co-incidence but I like to think Godey read Marlowe's book, liked the basic premise and came up with his own take on it.

Marlow's book starts like a run-away train but he doesn't keep it tight. The end of the book is just messy and gives the impression he has lost interest. The chronology of Marlowes book is essentially linear. Godey plays around with the chronology in his narrative and thereby finds a different and (I think) more dramatic way to introduce the reader to what is really going on. He keeps the narrative tight and suspensful and the ending is very Noir.

I think its a challenge to discuss a book in these posts and try not to reveal specific plot details. If I discuss a book, I don't want to spoil it for anybody who hasn't read it. Case in point, 'Wilderness' is currently still in my pile of 'to be read' books so I appreciate the fact that those discussing it have done so in broad terms.

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