RARA-AVIS: No longer Two buck book but still noir

From: Kerry J. Schooley ( gsp.schoo@murderoutthere.com)
Date: 23 Oct 2007

At 12:24 PM 23/10/2007, Mr.T wrote:

>Yes, let's get back to crime fiction and leave topics like the death
>penalty to other forums or to private discussions.

I take your point that this topic doesn't interest a lot of Rare Birds, and this round may have exhausted itself, but I've said before, and some have agreed, that the relevance of noir to issues of social justice is one of its attributes. In the case of the death penalty, what interests me most is the circularity of the circumstances in the penalty's application which seems to reinforce noir's criteria of doom. I don't think that's off topic. Others have found it interesting enough to respond, and still others have riffed into different but related directions.

I don't mind being corrected. I've gotten so many opportunities to become acclimatized to it, but my sense lately is that as the list has grown it has become less tolerant of discussions that engage a minority of subscribers, and overly sensitive to the expression of strongly held opinions. That's a shame, but is it noir?

Not 2 bucks but my 2 cents, Kerry

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