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Date: 23 Oct 2007

It certainly happens in Puccini's Tosca but that's opera.
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>Kerry, there is no record of any dead person ever
>killing anyone! THAT is success!

I suspect that's not true, murder often committed indirectly, jobbed out so to speak, it must have happened at least once. Certainly there must be some good noir tales in which the person who lets the contract is killed or otherwise deadened before the intended victim is dispatched, and the victim dispatched nevertheless. Maybe the list can provide some titles?

> The victims of murder
>are never the murdered dead. The murdered dead,
>however horribly they've been killed, are dead. The
>living victims of murder, every murder, are the
>families of the murdered dead. You never feel like
>you've done enough. You can never just lay down the
>damned sword, because if you do they'll let the
>bastard who killed your child out of prison. Do a
>google search on Charles Sobhraj and see what you see.
>How will you feel when a guy like that moves into your
>town? Of course, it couldn't happen to you. No, not to
>Kerry Schooley. "They'd" never let a guy like that
>move near you. About as likely as winning the lottery!
>Maybe we should give Charles Sobhraj a "fair shake."
>Maybe he really did do the world a service. All those
>"bad" kids he killed.

Good of you to help Patrick, but I'll make my own case from here on in, thanks.

> Left up to me, I'd kill Sobhraj
>so fast his head would fall in the dirt. Will it stop
>some other creep from killing travelers? I don't know.

Maybe you should look into it. "Do as I say and not as I do," has never been a very strong argument to control behaviour. As I understand it, there is statistical evidence that murder rates actually drop in constituencies that put an end to capital punishment. That would suggest a number of admittedly anonymous people saved from experiencing the agonies of victimization. I agree that the victims of crime deserve more community support than the perpetrators, but I think it really comes down to doing what appears to reduce the number of victims versus enjoying the satisfaction of a quick kill. I prefer to take the latter from a good book.

>But it sure as hell will bring an end to the murderous
>career of Charles Sobhraj.

If empathizing with someone like an imprisoned Charles Sobhraj makes it less likely other creeps will kill travelers, I might pony up a good pout now and again.

No, not Kerry

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