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Date: 22 Oct 2007

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> And notice it's usually the most dubious and poorly thought-out
> positions that come all dressed up?
> At least we don't have to suffer the pretentious gits who used to post
> all in lower case anymore. I guess they grew up or lost interest.
> It's amazing, on a list that celebrates hard-boiled fiction, a
> traditionally taut and terse style, that some members feel they have
> to "girly" up their posts with colour and different typefaces and the
> like.
I was under the impression that all formatting other than text was removed by Rara-Avis itself, making fonts, italics and the like a pointless exercise. however, I always bold responses in e-mail to separate from original points and have noticed when they appear on list that the bold is removed. doesn't stop me from doing it

and not all of us have stopped using all lower case

or double spacing

hell, Ken Bruen seems to be making a career out of double spacing within the same sentence

we all put up with each other

I'm just happy no one here uses emoticons

John Lau

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