Re: RARA-AVIS: Gores - DKA & Hammett

Date: 22 Oct 2007

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> HAMMET is the first Gores I read, and I remember very much enjoying it, but
> in retrospect, it is probably my least-liked novel of his.  Maybe I need to
> reread it.
I haven't read it, but the movie based on it works well to my recollection. and has an ending with a similar feel to Chinatown, albeit not as tragic. it actually brings a smile to your face since it clearly leaves you with the impression that this adventure was the author's inspiration for The Maltese Falcon. that's not really a spoiler- it's evident where the story's going early on

unless my memory fails me and I'm making this shit up out of delirium. could be, it's been decades

John Lau

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