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Date: 22 Oct 2007

From Charles Kelly:

"Unfortunately, I haven't come up with anything about how or why the changes were made in the revised edition of THE NAME OF THE GAME IS DEATH. Because most of the changes are very minor, "editing" type changes, my guess is that an editor rewrote it. The notable changes deal with calling the main character "Earl Drake," which didn't happen in the original edition. In the original version, the character uses the false names Roy Martin and Chet Arnold, but never Earl Drake. Also, a couple of passages are changed to downplay the possibility that (a) the main character's occasional impotence might mean he is homosexual and (b) that he is sexually aroused by violence, particularly by killing. Those sound like editing changes meant to fit in with the character of Drake as he developed as a secret agent type."

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> Al,
> Thanks for pointing out the article on Marlowe. Fascinating stuff.
> Since it's on your site, I assume you have contact with its author,
> Charles Kelly. Does he know anything about the rewrite of Name of
> Game, why it was done?
> Mark

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