From: Richard Moore (
Date: 22 Oct 2007

Ditto on the thanks to Al for the great article on Marlowe. It was especially interesting to me that some questioned whether Marlowe's amnesia was real and if real, what might have been the cause. It reminded me of how difficult making a diagnosis can be.

As for the rewrite of THE NAME OF THE GAME IS DEATH, wasn't that the result of Marlowe converting the original novel--published as a stand- alone--into the first of the Earl Drake series? I always thought that when Marlowe (perhaps at the publisher's urging) decided to make the lead from NAME into a series, he needed to go back to the original book and do some retrofitting.

Naturally, I can't put my hands on my books by Marlowe to refresh my memory.

Richard Moore

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> Al,
> Thanks for pointing out the article on Marlowe. Fascinating stuff.
> Since it's on your site, I assume you have contact with its author,
> Charles Kelly. Does he know anything about the rewrite of Name of
> Game, why it was done?
> Mark

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