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Date: 22 Oct 2007

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Vicki gave some very interesting insight into why she writes the type of stuff she writes, and it's worth hearing. Since she's a denizen of this list, though, I would much rather have her recount it for you herself. Brian Thornton In response to Brian, I can say that it was a enjoyable panel and we even managed to cover some new ground. However, my memory is weak and I don't remember explaining why I write my stuff. At the moment, I can't think of one good reason. I know I used Jack Bludis's famous distinction of Hardboiled: tough ; Noir: screwed. Also, I said that noir is becoming a blending of genres, for example Duane Swierzinski's and Jonathan Lethem's blendings of noir and science fiction, which are fantastic. I welcome these new types. Rather than fearing that noir will lose credibility, I think getting the word around can only be helpful. Imagine if one day we had a "Noir" shelf in the bookstore. Not likely, but hey, I can dream. Vicki

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