RARA-AVIS: Re:Chasing the Devil's Tail by David Fulmer

From: Dick Lochte ( dlochte@gmail.com)
Date: 21 Oct 2007

I agree with Victoria on Chasing the Devil's Tail. Very well-written book. Strong characters, solid plotting. I haven't heard the "stilted language" criticism, but my guess is that one reader's "stilted" is another's "era appropriate." The New Orleans depicted, though it may have been, oh, slightly before my time, seems pretty accurate judging by the decades I spent growing up there. As Victoria mentioned, there are two sequels. The first is good, too, but, being a sequel, not quite surprisingly so.

On another topic, somebody on this list is using a program that leaves very long strings of garbage code after the message. No big woof scrawling through it, but it would be nice not to have to.

Dick Lochte

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