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From: sonny (
Date: 20 Oct 2007


i read and enjoyed 'chinatown death cloud peril'. it was fun and worth the read, but certainly not a 'must'.

i loved all the stuff about writing for the pulps and the whole scene at the time, as well as the main characters of walter gibson and lester dent.
 the adventures they get into are secondary for me, tho great fun. i'm sure for other readers it's the exact opposite; they want action and not so much about the writing life and biz of that era.

the hubbard character plays off the gibson vs. dent rivalry well. himes and lovecraft have much smaller roles.


--- Michael Robison <> wrote:

> Where I was working in Atlanta was right across from a
> Borders bookstore, so I hung out there a couple days
> during my lunch break. I saw a couple newer books
> that looked on-topic. One was The Chinatown Death
> Cloud Peril. The cover picture was plainly
> pulp-oriented, and the back pointedly mentioned
> "genre." Can't remember the author. Some of the old
> pulp authors are characters in the book. I remember
> L. Ron Hubbard being mentioned. It might be good, but
> the smell of pastiche was strong.
> Another was Chasing the Devil's Tail by a fellow named
> Fulmer. I read a couple chapters of it and it seemed
> good. It's about a series of killings of prostitutes
> in the New Orleans red light district about a hundred
> years ago. One of the characters is Jelly Roll Morton
> before he became Jelly Roll Morton.
> Anybody read these? Comments?
> miker

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