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From: Racerick75@aol.com
Date: 19 Oct 2007

Bob V. wrote:

Did you ever get around to reading McTeague by Frank Norris? Great characters, whopper ending. And since this list is creeping closer and closer to films, Von Stroheim's creepy, fragmentary Greed (McTeague) is worthwhile too.

As it happens, I will be serializing McTeague (1899) over the next seven issues of THE BACK ALLEY. Wonderfully noir stuff, which begins with deceit and in which almost all the major characters are doomed by their own moral flaws. I contacted a professor of English at UNC-Wilmington yesterday, Keith Newlin, who is a McTeague nut (and who has written a book about Chandler, also) to ask him if he would write a critical/analytical piece for THE BACK ALLEY. He can't do it for the first issue in which McTeague will appear, but he did say to try him again in March or April. In the interim he has forwarded my request to the president of The Frank Norris Society (I didn't even know there was one!), to see if anyone there wants to pen an article for the webzine.

The second issue of THE BACK ALLEY, including the first part of McTeague, should be up in a couple of weeks. R

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