RARA-AVIS: Re: Evan Hunter sex book

From: Curt Purcell ( curtpurcell@hotmail.com)
Date: 18 Oct 2007

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> Great website, and intriguing reviews.

Thanks Bob!

>I have lots of these types of
> books, mostly for the covers, and it's been years since I read it, but
> I remember thinking that Fletcher Bennett's Vice Row (published by
> Playtime) was way better than average. (I moved this summer, so I have
> no idea where my copy is.)

I haven't read VICE ROW, but suspect it's the same as THE STREET, which I have read (the plots sound identical, and the authors are Fletcher Bennett and Jed Bennett, respectively), and if so, I wholeheartedly agree that it's quite good. I wish I could remember where I read it, but I want to say I read somewhere that Bennett was a Westlake pseudonym (not sure about that at all--like I said, I can't at the moment put my finger on the source for that).

> There's some decent writing in the early books (pre-1963? 1964?
> 1965?)) of Nightstand/Midnight Reader/etc., Beacon, Monarch, and
> Newsstand Library. Maybe not so surprising, given that some of that
> stuff was being written by Block, Westlake, Evan Hunter, John Jakes,
> Robert Silverberg, Harlan Ellison, Marion Zimmer Bradley, etc., etc.,
> not to mention Willeford under his own name, and Orrie Hitt, and some
> of those other unsung, unrepublished writers like Clyde Allison.

I completely agree! Allison was a pseudonym, though, of William Knoles. Earl Kemp, as usual, features a great article about him, by Lynn Munroe (though you have to scroll down for it):


> Bob V in NJ, who's got a Midwood signed by Block and Westlake

Where do you live, and what kind of locks do you have? ;-)

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