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Date: 17 Oct 2007

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> I'm thinking I might just have to have a coming out
> party, cuz I just love Harry Bosch.  After a long time
> off from reading his books, I jumped back in and can't
> stop.  I finished Lost Light and it is great.  I keep
> waiting for Bosch to turn into the same-ole same-ole
> so I can yawn and move on, but it just ain't
> happening.
> Hey, John (Lau).  I think you said you were getting
> ready to read Echo Park.  Any comments on it?  Of all
> his books, I had a slight problem with it.  I had a
> hard time swallowing (Freudian significance here?) the
> premise of the crime and how his FBI girlfriend could
> be offended by his actions.  Still loved it.
> Sucks (whoops!) that I've only got a couple more
> unread.  The Narrows is one.  Can't name the others
> right offhand.
> You know, now that I think of it, Michael Connelly is
> pretty darned cute himself.
actually I think I said I had just finished Echo Park. I didn't have the same problems you had. I've said before that Harry Bosch is my favorite character in all of fiction in any media. I have the newest, THE OVERLOOK at the front of my TBR. I still haven't finished reading THE GUARDS by Bruen, not because I'm not enjoying it, I just got derailed by Blonde Lightning and then I got busy

John Lau

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