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Date: 17 Oct 2007

I no longer own the book to check, but I'm pretty sure in one of Block's books on writing (WRITING THE NOVEL, I think) he mentions that DEADLY HONEYMOON was Westlake's idea and when Westlake didn't run with it, Block asked if he could use the core idea instead and Westlake was only too happy for him to do so.


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> I don't know about "greatest," but I kind of liked Block's DEADLY
> HONEYMOON, though I know I've seen it criticized here in previous posts.

  I may have been one of those who criticized it... The book did not
  make a good impression. Now, with the Block months coming so soon, I
  have the perfect opportunity to reread it and confirm, rectify or say
  something totally different (like something about the personification
  of absence or the transmogrification of anger).




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