Re: RARA-AVIS: Tales of revenge

From: Tapani Bagge (
Date: 17 Oct 2007

Yeah, Vengeance Man is great. As is Get Carter, too.

I'm not that keen on Gores'es revenge tales. I prefer his other books and stories. The same with Leonard.

Haven't yet read Kiss Her Goodbye, but I have it somewhere.

Tapani kirjoitti 17.10.2007 kello 23.34:

> Mario wrote:
> "OK, so what are the greatest hardboiled/noir tales of revenge ever
> written? Joe Gores wrote two very fine ones, _A Time for Predators_
> and
> _Dead Man_."
> Not just those two. Doesn't Wolf Time fit this theme, also?
> Vengeance Man by Dan Marlowe, of course.
> Although he is supposedly just after his money, Parker gets a lot of
> vengeance on those who took it in The Hunter (AKA Point Blank and
> Payback).
> Get Carter is about finding out what happened to his borther and
> "making
> it right." Russell Jams's Payback works a similar theme, as does Allan
> Guthrie's Kiss Her Goodbye.
> Mark

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