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From: Patrick King (
Date: 16 Oct 2007

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> But what if the verdict is wrong, and you hang an
> innocent guy?
> Someone who just happens to look like Ted Bundy?


That's what the jury's for. If the murderer is probably guilty but there is unreasonable doubt, then he gets life imprisonment and we see what his lawyer and the state can find out about the crime over time. But if the killer doesn't even dispute what he's done; if the evidence is overwhelming against him, why would we keep someone like this around? Anyone in prison is eventually going to get out. The US prison system is simply not designed to keep anyone incarcerated indefinitely. The only reason, THE ONLY REASON, Charles Manson and his disciples are not out of prison right now is due to the constant effort of the Tate family, going to all their parole hearings and opposing their release. The moment the Tate family decide they've got something better to do, those people will be released. And frankly, I don't think it would be a big deal. I doubt those people are in any way dangerous today and if they were release they'd, everyone of them, be gainfully employed in media within hours of freedom. If Fox News can find work for Oliver North, they can certainly find something for Charley Manson to do. But that aside, in a "just" society, their lives would be forfited for the way they murdered people in 1969. And there's no doubt they did it; not a question.

Please understand me. I am all for the concept of reasonable doubt, and I'm fully aware that in more cases than we want to admit, unreasonable doubt is actually the truth of what happened. If doubt exists, life must be spared. But where there's no doubt and the motive is lust or amusement, or there's no motive at all, "just happened to be feeling that way without warning,"? Would we tolerate a tiger wandering the neighborhood? Once a dog has bitten a child, what do we do with it? But these people who wander our highways killing at whim we have to tolerate because of some hokus pokus about they're being "human." If they were human we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Patrick King

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