Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Two buck books

From: Stewart Wilson (
Date: 16 Oct 2007

Willeford used that to good effect in one of the few parts of GRIMHAVEN he didn't cannibalize in the later Hoke Mosely novels. Hoke spends most of the novel on his Willefordian quest to 'simplify his life.' His eventual solution is to commit murder and spend his remaining days first fighting interstate extradition, then appealing his expected death penalty for the remainder of his days, which he will live out in simplicity as a ward of the Florida justice system.

On 10/16/07, Rick Ollerman <> wrote:
> A dozen years on seemingly endless appeals removes all
> immediacy and sense of consequence for the crime. The actual "death"
> part of the sentence is too abstract to function that way.

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