RARA-AVIS: Re: Short and cheap

From: Dave Zeltserman ( dz@hardluckstories.com)
Date: 15 Oct 2007

>> even though I think a Hard
> Case Crime magazine could be one hell of a lot of fun, I'm afraid
> it's not gonna happen. I know a suicide mission when I see one.
> --Charles

Charles, I think you can say New Mystery Magazine from the 90s would've been what a Hardcase Crime Magazine would've looked liked, and they were never able to get off the ground. Unfortunately.

Btw. Any one interested in short noir fiction I highly recommend chekcing out the archives over at Hardluck Stories at:


There's some damn good stuff there--and eventhough I've been publishing it I don't think this my bias talking. I'd start with Ed Gorman's Beauty, then Ian Rowan's "One Step Closer", then Bentley Little's "Hell"...

Mark--That should be the second issue of Murdaland. Another magazine to check out is Out of the Gutter. Here's a very cool video they put together for their 3rd issue (featuring a pulp story of mine of high violence titled Adrenaline):


--Dave Z.

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