RARA-AVIS: Blonde Lightning and other cocktails

From: Terrill Lankford ( lankford2000@earthlink.net)
Date: 15 Oct 2007

Thanks very much to John (and Mark and Nathan) for the extremely kind reviews of my books. This is a tough crowd, so I'm particularly pleased when my work cuts the rara mustard with any of the birds.

I recently bought the last 500 copies of Blonde Lightning that were sitting in the Ballantine warehouse so that I could offer them for sale on my website. Anyone who wants a copy of that or any of my other books, please contact me off-list for the super duper rara-avis discount.


I've been watching a lot of film noirs lately (at least that's the way they are advertised on the video jackets) due to the many recent releases and I've caught a lot of references to bourbon, and a few generic "whiskey"s, but I don't think I've heard rye mentioned by name during any of my recent viewings (although I certainly have in other films, I just can't remember which ones). Which is a rambling way of saying that I think it was quite popular for noir characters to order bourbon, even back in the forties.

In the early eighties I went to bartending school so I would have something to fall back on between writing gigs, but I soon found out that that was the wrong side of the bar for me. I had a tendency to sample too much of the product. Nevertheless, a popular saying with the instructors back then was "All bourbon is whiskey, but all whiskey is not bourbon." Over the years, I've seen a few non-drinking writers forget that rule.


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