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Date: 15 Oct 2007

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> Two reasons.  First and foremost, the people who are old enough to have
> seen the first, or even know about it, are not Hollywood's target
> audience.  We're way too damn old, don't go to nearly as many movies (as
> a group) as teenagers do.  Teenagers probably don't give a shit about
> Michael Caine and only know him as an old man.  Secondly, Stallone's
> movies do not make their money in the US, but overseas where he is still
> considered a star.

this is true. but what's odd is that, pictures like this are remade because having been done before, companies feel for some reason that they're easier to market, even if they're not selling them to those who actually remember the name. just more head up the ass Hollywood thinking

John Lau

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