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From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 15 Oct 2007

A few corrections and additions to my post of a few minutes ago on paperback "Doubles."

The Day Keene Double I was thinking about was not published by Belmont or Macfadden (although Macfadden was a regular Keene publisher). The Double was from Lancer Books and featured Keene's WHO WAS WILMA LATHROPE and MURDER ON THE SIDE. Keene had another Lancer Book Double that he shared with Milton K. Ozaki's CITY OF SIN. I don't have that one but I bet Bill Crider does as IIRC he is is an Ozaki fan.

The Lancer Doubles also featured a split cover with the split going straight across the front. The Belmont Doubles, I believe, were diagonal splits.

Oh, and Belmont Books did two separate editions of Harlan Ellison's DOOMSMAN. The one that I mentioned shared the book with a Lee Hoffman novel. Hoffman was a BNF (Big Name Fan), an associate editor of Infinity Science Fiction (and wife of editor Larry Shaw) when it purchased Harlan Ellison's first professional sale, and a very underrated writer (as witness her excellent westerns). So it is not surprising that Ellison would hand back the Hoffman half when he ripped autograph seeker copies apart.

However, Belmont did a second double edition of Ellison's DOOMSMAN that paired it with a Lin Carter story. If anyone ever had the courage to present that edition to Ellison, I wonder what happened to the book?

Richard Moore

--- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Moore" <moorich@...> wrote:
> Belmont did a few doubles in the 1960s of both mysteries and
> fiction. One I recall was a 1967 pairing of Harlan Ellison's
> with Lee Hoffman's TELEPOWER. I've heard reports that now and
then at
> convention autograph sessions would hand the volume to Ellison
only to
> have him tear it apart and throw away his half while offering
> for Hoffman's story.
> There was another SF double pairing Lin Carter with Frank Belknap
> Long. Somewhere around here I have a mystery pair by Day Keene
that I
> am reasonably certain was a Belmont. I have a nagging minority
> thought that it may have been from Macfadden.
> The Belmonts did not have two covers on reverse sides as did Ace.
> They had a split cover with two illustrations one on top of the
> other. Now that I think of it, Robert Bloch also had a Belmont
> Back in the early days of paperback reprints, the digest format
(as in
> digest-sized magazines) competed with the pocketbook format. Some
> the digest publishers did splits with two authors sharing a
> Richard Moore
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> >
> > Apart from Ace Doubles, at least the porn publisher Midwood did
> Doubles.
> > I've noticed they are pricy.
> >
> > Later on Gryphon Books has done some Doubles, but they are more
> > pamphlet-like.
> >
> > Juri
> >

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