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Date: 15 Oct 2007

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But Tough Luck worked for me because I know those guys and those streets and Starr did a really good job of bringing them to life. The other thing I really appreciated in Touch Luck was that Mickey was allowed his doom with a smile and a nod rather than a knife or going out a window. Yes, Starr worked that with Lights Out but not in the same way for me. Obviously I'm a big fan of his now and I'm not deriding his other work at all. Tough Luck just hit me in a real way.


I have to admit that among all the human "passions," gambling is the one I understand least. I always know that I'm going to lose and I can't figure out why people don't all know that for themselves. The fact that I enjoyed Tough Luck and did attach to that character attests to its art. Vicki

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