Re: RARA-AVIS: Tough Luck

From: Nathan Cain (
Date: 14 Oct 2007

I think a lot of people have a hard time connecting with Starr's protagonists because they tend to be jerks of the highest order. His stories are often like watching a train wreck. I'm not entirely sure it would be normal to feel too much for them. They tend to bring their fates on themselves.

On 10/14/07, Michael Robison <> wrote:
> Nathan Cain wrote:
> I enjoyed the essay. I think Tough Luck is Starr's
> best novel, too. The final scene is one of the best
> endings ever.
> *************
> I didn't like the book. The protagonist seemed to
> just barely care about his predicament and I couldn't
> care much more. It left me with no feeling
> whatsoever, unlike all the books I enjoy that make a
> big impact. I didn't go back for more.
> miker
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