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From: Jack Bludis (
Date: 12 Oct 2007

Patrick King said: "I'd love to see a return to a $2.00 paperback book. Don't tell me no one can make money doing that."

Not much left in the margin for profit. We have to face it, everything has suffered from inflation, not only the price of books, but what people want for their money. Best selling writers can get away with it--sometimes.

I recently picked up a $9.99 paperback of Robert B. Parker's HUNDRED DOLLAR BABY, flipped through it, and put it back on the rack.

It might not be a bad idea for publishers to do three novellas or two short novels in a single volume. But they're probably unwilling to try that too.

I think it was Ace who did double volumes a long time ago, in a world far away, but I don't know how they sold. Anybody know?

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