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From: Patrick King (
Date: 12 Oct 2007

In both cases these writers, Hammett & Doyle, indirectly suggest that the reader fall in love with these characters, and some of you guys do. It's a writing technique, people. If you don't love Brigid and sort of want to meet a girl like that, yourself; if you don't envy Spade his relationship with her, the end and that wonderful speech, doesn't matter at all. In fact, Brigid is that rarest of rare birds, the female serial killer. She killed Thrusby so she won't have to share the proceeds from the Falcon with him. She kills Miles Archer for no reason at all that we know. How many others has she killed throughout the orient? But you want to cut her some slack as though she was a healthy young cheerleader who's started smoking pot. Can you say serial murderess?

Adler, too. In the first line of the story Watson tells us that Irene Adler is the great love of Holmes' life. When these stories were written, there was much speculation about the relationship between Holmes & Watson, and also what sort of woman Holmes would find attractive. The Scandal in Bohemia answered this latter question and put to some rest the earlier one: Holmes is hetrosexual! Still, look at this woman! Why would you admire her? Just because Doyle via Watson, perhaps the greatest idiot foil in literature, tells you that Holmes does? The woman is an extrotionist and a professional criminal who dabbles in espionage. Many of you wouldn't cut Martha Stewart or Hillary Clinton for her "Whitewater" escapade, the least slack, but this female predator whom Doyle has instructed that we worship from afar, you want to say she's all right? Check out the big picture here, folks!

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> > > "Both O'Shaunnasy & Adler are sociopaths,
> > > speculatively both were probably abused in
> childhood."
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> > Speculation like that makes me hope you're not a
> psychologist.
> I think Brigid is just a rotten type with
> attractions. Plenty of them
> around. About Adler, I have to agree with Jim: very
> different
> character. Also, she's not presented as fully as
> Brigid is by Hammett
> (she's a pivotal character).
> Best,
> mrt

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