RARA-AVIS: Sex novels and Steve Hamilton

From: Maggie ( webmaven@nyc.rr.com)
Date: 12 Oct 2007

No, sex and Steve's novels don't exactly leap to mind as a natural pairing, but I try to make my subject lines informative, if baffling.
 Has anybody here read Lawrence Block's Ronald Rabbit is a Dirty Old Man? Larry calls it "an erotic epistolary novel for anyone with an IQ over 100." Right after 9/11, I fielded tons of emails from readers wanting to know if their favorite writers were okay (since I co-own a bookstore in NYC, we appeared to be a natural point of contact). It was a rough time for everyone and none of us cared too much for reading crime novels. Larry had just sent me a copy of Ronald Rabbit and I picked it up, hoping for some brief distraction. Instead, he actually made me laugh out loud. That novel holds a very special place in my heart - I would have thought it hysterically funny in any case but, boy, did it come in handy right then. Larry may have written quite a lot of novels for which he was paid by the word (hey, you write for a living from the age of 21 on and you're likely going to write some - if not all - to put food on the table), but he sure had fun writing this one.

On the Steve Hamilton front, his new novel, NIGHT WORK, is his first stand-alone...or would have been if St. Martin's hadn't convinced him to turn it into a series (thank you, St M's). In appreciation for all the Alex McKnight series readers who take a chance on a new character, Steve's giving away 25 DVDs of THE SHOVEL, the award-winning short film (11 awards and counting, including Best Short at the Tribeca Film Festival) starring David Strathairn and Tim Guinee. To enter the drawing, visit authorstevehamilton.com. Instructions are on the home page. Questions? Email webmaven AT authorstevehamilton.com.

Now, if I can only convince Larry to write Ronald Rabbit II ...

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