Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Sex novels

Date: 12 Oct 2007

Mario wrote:

"What I see here is a microversion of the obnoxious dichotomy between literature and popular fiction: it's all literature."

Of course, this dichotomy was/is also upheld by the writers. At least for Block and Westlake, these were all pseudonymous works, while they reserved their real names for, say, Gold Medal or Pocket. To his day, Block ducks questions about which books he wrote (while Westlake is more forthcoming) and, from what I hear, he also refuses to sign them. I found it very surprising that Hard Case was able to convince him to reprint a few. And I'm glad they did.

"By the way, much later than the early sixties Block published a miniseries about a youngster who desperately wanted to get laid... I forget the name of the protagonist, but the novels were reprinted not that long ago."

That would be the four Chip Harrison books. The author, Chip Harrison, dedicates the first, No Score (1970):


"who is my favorite writer
"and who is as together a person as he is a writer and you can't get much better than that"

The jacket copy compares this book about a 17 year old trying to lose his virginity to Portnoy's Complaint, Catcher in the Rye and Candy.


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