Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Block and Westlake and yes, many others

Date: 11 Oct 2007

David wrote:

"Whatever the merits of any individual book, by the time Westlake and Block began writing under their own names, they had their voice, and it was created in the books for hire they wrote in the early sixties."

And many of them were written AFTER they were already publishing the early hardboiled novels we so revere now. For instance, Sheldon Lord's The Sex Shuffle, which Hard Case recently reprinted as Block's Lucky at Cards, has a copyright of 8/27/64, by which time Block had already written Mona (2/28/61), Markham: The Case of the Pornographic Photos
(8/10/61, later reprinted as You Could Call it Murder) and Death Pulls a Doublecross (10/30/61, later reprinted as Coward's Kiss). In fact, all of the Beacon Sheldon Lords postdate these early books, although he published under the pseudonyms Liz Crowley and Liz Evans before them.

Similarly, Westlake's pseudonymous work as Edwin West and Alan Marshall
(roughly 1960-1963) was contemporaneous with his early hardboiled books: Mercenaries (1960), Killing Time (1961), 361 (1/19/62), the Hunter and Killy (4/15/63).


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