Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Whatever happened to rye?

From: david david (
Date: 11 Oct 2007

-- Charlie Williams <> wrote:
> it's scotch all the way in my writing world.
> Laphroaig, Black
> Bottle, Grants or something.
> To me Rye is a train station in South London.

Trust Marlowe, Charlie.
 if you're a Laphroaig lover (second only to Lagavulin), you will appreciate rye. Especially the good stuff, i.e. Black Maple Hill, which i get from K
& L when I am in San Francisco since I can't find it in Southern California. Good Rye is no stop, it's a destination. Whereas Islay scotches have that wonderful smoky peatiness, rye has a wonderful spicy/slight tartness unlike any other whiskey, without sacrificing smoothness, wood, body or burn.

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