RARA-AVIS: Re: Whatever happened to rye?

From: Charlie Williams ( cs_will@hotmail.com)
Date: 11 Oct 2007

I've gotta say, whisky has played a large part in every novel I've written (Lord help me). But I don't think I've ever had this rye thing. JD and Jim Beam are the only US whiskies I think I've had. But no, it's scotch all the way in my writing world. Laphroaig, Black Bottle, Grants or something.

To me Rye is a train station in South London.


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> > I haven't had much to say lately, but this topic is
> > right down my gullet:
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> > Old Overholt (or old overcoat, as afficianados have
> > affectionately nicknamed it) is a good, smooth, light
> > bodied starter rye. I actually think it works better
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> Once more, I'm astounded by the erudition and arcane knowledge of
this group of rare
> birds. I've read versions of the history David David attributed to
Bettridge before, and
> assume it's accurate. But bourbon didn't replace rye in the bars of
New York when I was
> familiar with them. When I was a young man around the New York
bars, we used the term
> rye to refer to a bunch of blended whiskeys--Imperial, Calvert,
Seagrams, and so on, (the
> Canadian whiskeys were call brands but understood to be rye)---as
in rye and ginger, rye
> and soda, and so on. When I moved to Milwaukee and ordered a rye
and water the first
> time, the grumbling bartender dug around the back shelf for about
10 minutes before
> fishing out a dust-covered bottle of Old Overholt straight rye that
I'd never in my life
> heard of. The bar liquor in Milwaukee in those days was brandy, as
in brandy and sour,
> whatever the hell that was (though it was not sour, as in whiskey
sour), and brandy and
> schnapps, for which a few drops of schnapps was dribbled onto the
top of a shot of
> brandy--a forerunner of the shooters of later decades. Regional
differences, I guess, in
> that world west of the Hudson.
> Con Lehane

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