Re: RARA-AVIS: Whatever happened to rye?

From: Richard Moore (
Date: 11 Oct 2007

Actually, Rye is making a comeback on the high price end of the scale with small distillers turning out bottles that cost $50 and up. About a year ago, most of the major US newspapers carried features on the companies. Intrigued, I bought a bottle of Old Potrero and it was quite smooth.

Historically, most the Canadian whiskey brands (Canadian Club, Crown Royal, etc.) were made from rye. I assume they still are.

Richard Moore

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> > I thought I'd try some, and there doesn't appear to be much
> > right now. Just some by Jim Beam, which is hardly the bottom-
> > stuff most hardboiled characters seem to swill by the
bucketful. In
> > all the stuff I'm reading now, it's the ultimate working stiff's
> > drink, but now it appears to be something of a curiosity.
> Rye got eclipsed by bourbon as the American whisky of choice. I
still drink
> it. Down here in Texas we get Old Overholt, which is a brand
> mentioned in hardboiled crime fiction. Actually rye is making a
bit of a
> comeback down here with the resurgence in popularity of the
Sazerac cocktail
> at local joints such as Opal Divine's.

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