RARA-AVIS: re: Spade falling in love

From: logan keith (keith) ( keith@globetrotter.net)
Date: 11 Oct 2007

Patrick King wrote:
>Okey, but don't you think it's fun disceting it? I'm
>not expecting a big win from the discussion. I'm just
>enjoying analyzing a story I really like and defending
>my position on it. I don't expect to change your
>opinion. Most of this analysis is for my own benefit,

Yes indeed, I do appreciate the discourse. As I mentioned, it's what got me motivated to grab the book again and reread it. Maybe I just want to avoid the "I'm right, you're wrong" polemic that seems to pop up lately on the list, and to be fair you have not really expressed an opinion but made declarative statements which made me wary. No sweat. Just trying to keep perspective and keep things civil! Keith

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