RARA-AVIS: Re: Suggestions for monthly topics requested

From: Dave Zeltserman ( dz@hardluckstories.com)
Date: 10 Oct 2007

> To mention just a few, Willeford, Gores, Westlake, Leonard and
> Connelly do, I think. Though pure writing is never pure... it needs
> to match what's being told, especially in the genres which are of
> interest to us. I do love how Block moves a story along, unobtrusively
> but always with the right accentuation. But if Block wanted to write
> Chester Himes's or K.C. Constantine's stories, he would have to adapt
> his singing style to the music, so to speak. Another phenomenal
> stylist is Fredric Brown, not mentioned often enough of late.
> Best,
> mrt

Mr T: your thoughts on Rex Stout? To me, the way he blended hardboiled with classic English Mystery in his Nero Wolfe books was masterful, and stylistically pitch perfect.

Another point about Block--I suspect that his hitman stories are a riff on the Continental Op. Btw. I can't argue too much about either Leonard and Willeford--their writing is direct, highly readable, but in my opinion doesn't have that smooth, almost magical flow that Block's writing has, but then again, few writers do.

--Dave Zeltserman

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