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From: William Ahearn (
Date: 09 Oct 2007

--- wrote:

> My use of twisted in regard to Peeping Tom did
> mainly refer to the main
> character and his compulsions, and somewhat to the
> plot. However, I'm
> not sure I would exempt Powell, the director, from
> this description.

Isn't that extending a moral sense through the lens? I mean, was Powell really a demented nun in Black Narcissus or an arab boy in Thief of Bagdad? Powell was a damn fine and underrated and overlooked filmmaker (until Martin Scorcese discovered him through his editor who married Powell) and to assess his moral or sexual proclivities based on a single film seems unfair if not unfounded. Jeez, nobody suggested Hitchcock really was Norman Bates or somehow endorsed what was played out in "Psycho." If anything, your reaction is a testament to how creepy, twisted and successful "Peeping Tom" is as a film. Funny thing is that Powell kicked Hitchcock's butt up and down the street as a filmmaker. Compare the tower scene in Black Narcissus to the one in Vertigo and tell me who is pure cinema.


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