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Date: 09 Oct 2007

I can relate to this, Jordan. I had a really hard time sitting through the first Postman movie, and kind of cringed my way through the ending. The second, with Nicholson, was better, but not much.

Then I read Double Indemnity and had to hand it to Cain for the twists he came up with, but the whole time I was wondering if every book he writes is about a guy helping an attractive woman kill her husband?

Then I read Block's MONA or "Grifter's Game" a la Hard Case Crime, and I realized THAT is how you do a kill-the-husband book. Plus I like Block better because not all his books fall into that plotline. There's got to be something else Cain wrote where that doesn't happen, right?


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> I'm just not into James Cain's stuff. The first work of his I read
> one of his short stories in a hard boiled / noir anthology about a
> logger who saves a guy's life and then fights with him over his
> (the saved guy's) ex-wife. I forced myself to watch Double
> Indemnity Last week - I was turned off the first time I started
> watching this, a while ago because I don't like a narrative
> starting with a confession. I also read the Postman Always Rings
> Twice. I just find the instant deep emotions to be rather hollow.
> I know there are people who really do experience this, but it just
> doesn't ring as believable to me. If there was more backstory
> maybe. I don't plan to read/watch any more Cain, it's not for me.
> Jordan
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