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From: Patrick King (
Date: 09 Oct 2007

Well, let me explain myself if it seems necessary. To say one doesn't like any book is one's natural right. We all have different tastes. As I've said, the only Hammett books I really care for are The Thin Man & The Maltese Falcon. But I have concrete reasons for not liking the other books: I don't think the plots work and and don't think the characters are well drawn. I don't dismiss these or any book by stating that the author is unintelligent because I disapprove of a character's lifestyle or habits. Like it or not, Dashiel Hammett is the auteur of the style of fiction we're examining on this list. We can critique his work but to dismiss his work is disrespectful. It was not I who introduced the epithet "dumb" into the conversation. By returning it, I thought I was sending it where it could do the most good: make someone think about how their words effect others. From the response, I guess it made a lot of people think. Let's respect each other and respect the works and the authors we're discussing.

Patrick King
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> wrote:
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> >
> > --- Chuck <chuckelp@...> wrote:
> > I couldn't get past the first 5 pages of Thin
> > > Man -- every body
> > > had to have a drink in their hand. Dumb.
> > *****************************
> >
> > But that's how it was during the roaring twenties.
> > That's the point of the book. If you don't
> understand
> > the history of the story, of course you're not
> going
> > to get it. It's not the book that's dumb.
> >
> I don't think the slap of your last sentence was
> deserved here and
> we are becoming more than a little uncivil in our
> discouse. If you
> had made the comment to me, I would be more
> forgiving as I have been
> a bit sharp with you in the past. For that I
> apologize and for any
> other over-the-top comments I've made.
> We need to exercise more courtesy and respect as we
> disagree and I
> am talking to myself as well as sending it out to
> the list as a
> whole.
> Richard Moore
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