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From: Patrick King (
Date: 09 Oct 2007

--- "logan keith (keith)" <> wrote:
> At the end I believe that he would have let Brigid
> off the hook had
> Wilmer been around to be the fall guy, but in his
> absence Spade needs
> someone to take the heat and so turns Brigid in.
> This does not mean he
> doesn't have feelings for her; he does, but his own
> self-preservation
> comes first. Spade openly admits he does not know
> what love is, but is
> willing to give Brigid a shot when she gets out of
> prison, unless she
> gets the death penalty.
************************************* Keith, if you're right about this, how long do you think Spade would live if Brigid went free and Willmer went down for all the murders? Brigid killed every man we know about who was even vaguly attached to her romantically. Brigid has no method to what she's doing. Spade has it right when he accuses her of muddling around hoping it will come out right in the end. Even her murders are impulsive acts. She's not calculating. She's crazy. The only thing that separates Brigid from Eilene Wormos is her congruence. For a psycho Brigid has a pretty good front. Even the Falcon, the object of her mania, does not set her raving and babbling as it does Guttman & Cairo. But she has no idea what she'd doing or why she's doing it and Spade makes it abundently clear that he knows this. Once the Falcon is exposed as a hoax, their relationship has nowhere to go except to prision. Spade is clearly amoral but he is not insane. Any lust he may feel for Brigid is outweighed in kilos by the fact that she's murdered three people that he knows of. If he let Willmer take the fall for Brigid's crimes, he'd be her very next victim. That's her MO.

Patrick King

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