Re: RARA-AVIS: Spade falling in love

From: Patrick King (
Date: 09 Oct 2007

I think this says more about your romantic sensibilities than it says about Spade's. The very wording of the last speech is so over the top, he's got to be kidding. Nowhere else in the book does he talk like that. Birgid is a psycho who plays on men's romantic notion of her beauty. Spade's words play into her own self image. This is the kind of speech she expects and requires... it just doesn't go where she expects it to and that's the twist. If we believe Spade loves Brigid, then he is a weaker personality than he proves to be by the outcome of the story.

Patrick King
--- Michael Robison <> wrote:

> John Lau wrote:
> it's not the last 12 pages that put it in question
> for
> me. it's all the other pages before it. I
> remember
> when I got to the point where he says maybe he
> loves
> her, I thought... you do? the reader doesn't feel
> it,
> that's fo sho
> ***************
> I just couldn't imagine him talking about loving her
> at the end unless he meant it. It's been suggested
> that he was just bullshitting. Maybe so.
> miker
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