Re: RARA-AVIS: Caustic discussions

From: peter hurley (
Date: 08 Oct 2007

I agree Karin-Im new and am overwhelmed by the caustic discussions and end up deleting alot of them. I enjoy the tips on books to read very much.

Karin Montin <> wrote:
          I agree with you, Pat. For the first time, I have set up a filter to trash certain messages from this list.


At 04:44 PM 03/10/2007 +0000, Pat Lee wrote:

>As a regular reader and mostly lurker, I have enjoyed the suggestions
>of good reading material and found great books from many of the
>contributors; I consider this the main value of being on this list.
>However, while I enjoy some of the discussions of definitions of
>things like "noir" and "hardboiled", I found that many of them
>recently have degenerated into somewhat disrespectful disagreements
>and caustic barbs. Perhaps off-list communications would be the
>proper forum to continue some of these debates, especially if the
>back and forth goes beyond more than two exchanges. I don't know if
>anyone else feels the same way, but I find myself deleting a lot of
>messages if it appears the jist is an ongoing argument. Thanks for


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