Re: RARA-AVIS: Florida mystery writers [was Re:Suggestions for monthly topics requested]

Date: 06 Oct 2007

Don wrote:

"I would like to request please that someone start by talking about Charles Willeford. I am just now getting into him--I've read WILD WIVES, COCKFIGHTER, PICK-UP, and I have a copy of SIDESWIPE that I haven't started yet."

If I were you, I'd read Willeford's Miami novels (of which Sideswipe is the third of four, if I recall correctly) in order. They build on each other.

"He seems much better than average to me."

Me, too.

"I really liked a quote in the Wikipedia entry on Willeford where someone named Steve Erickson . . ."

Although neither hardboiled or noir, Erickson is a very good writer, kind of slipstream.


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