RARA-AVIS: Nick Charles drinks his way into the Thin Man

From: Chuck ( chuckelp@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 06 Oct 2007

If I may "clarify" my earlier "dumb" point:

I found the first pages of _The Thin Man_, replete with drinking, tedious, tiresome. To me nothing was "moving forward." Of course, this is my complaint with _A Tale of Two Cities_. As Mr. Dickens was paid by the word for each weekly installment, I understand the verbosity and elaboration on setting.

I prefer beginnings like Mr. Cain's _Double Indemnity_ . Mr. Cain took twelve lines of type (Vintage trade edition) to take me right into his life and the physical setting.

I was disappointed when, in his later novels, Cain often strayed from this.

Mr. Hammett's _Maltese Falcon_ and _Red Harvest_, books I like, both get off to a first-page start.

Now if I could just write beginnings like those in D.I., M.F., and R.H. ..........

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> Channing wrote:
> Hammett nearly died on different occasions from his
> binge drinking.
> ************
> I don't see The Thin Man as a predominantly funny
> book. It shows a character submerged in alcoholism
> and apathy. There is a deep sense of loss.
> miker
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