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From: Nathan Cain (
Date: 06 Oct 2007

I went to write a little something about The Killer for my blog, and I discovered an online version of the comic book here:

It's in Flash and you've got to click on the panels to move the story forward. Enjoy.

On 10/6/07, Nathan Cain <> wrote:
> About a week ago I queried the list about a newly released graphic
> novel called The Killer, translated from French. No one replied, so I
> guess no one read it, but I finally broke down and bought the last
> copy from my local comic book shop. It's by a writer who calls himself
> Matz, and the artist is one Luc Jacamon. The story itself is not
> anything terribly original. It's about a hitman who suddenly finds
> himself having a hard time dealing with the isolation that is a
> necessary part of his job. He wants out, but finds its not going to be
> that simple. Still despite the fact that it's not terribly original,
> it wasn't bad. The main character is well drawn, in the literary
> sense, I mean, even though the art's pretty good too. I like the use
> of color, particularly. It's not an earth shattering, must-read, but
> I'd recommend it for fans of Ed Brubaker's Criminal series. The Killer
> is similar in that it's not too cartoony, and draws more on fiction
> than comics for its influences. I guess the bottom line is I liked it
> enough that I'll be picking up the second volume whenever it comes
> out.

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