RARA-AVIS: Westlake on the Radio

From: scatalogic@aol.com
Date: 05 Oct 2007

Hello Avians,
  Donald Westlake was on BBC Radio Five Live yesterday (Thursday, October 4) talking about his new Stark/Parker book, which was reviewed with gigantic enthusiasm by the book panel on The Simon Mayo Show - "A Masterpiece" was one judgement. (It's a slightly uncomfortable format having the reviewers in the studio with the author I think - it must be terrifying for all involved, although perhaps having to face the writer they are critiquing might inspire more considered thought).
  Interviews were brief and interrupted by the usual run of live radio news bulletins etc, but the show is available as a podcast called the Daily Mayo
(from Itunes I think) and from the address below if anyone does want to try and catch it. I was driving as I listened - the most interesting snippet I can remember is Westlake's belief that Richard Stark came to him, then simply went away again - also that "writers shouldn't know what they're doing". Ken Follett was the other author under discussion with a massive medieval saga up for review.
  If you like the show it's worth trying the Friday editions for their film review section with Dr Mark Kermode - an enourmously opinionated reviewer and pretty entertaining, bytheby, he believes The Exorcist to be the greatest film ever made and loves horror above all else, but he often picks out thrillers too.
  I trust you are all well, happy, wealthy, wise etc...
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