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Date: 05 Oct 2007

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> Right after I posted my off-the-cuff list of films and books in my last post
> I thought about IN A LONELY PLACE. What a movie! I just watched it again
> last week and it stunned me just like it did the first time I saw it. Truly a
> unique viewing experience. A movie that could just as easily have been from the
> 70s, when moral quagmire was the IN thing, as the 50s when the world at
> least APPEARED to be far simpler in the movies. It is adult in every way
> possible. I can certainly see why many would label it noir. It is a story that truly
> goes into a "heart of darkness." But if others want to argue it is not noir,
> I've got no complaint with that either. To paraphrase your statement about
> THE CONVERSATION, I'm not sure where to categorize IN A LONELY PLACE, but it's
> one hell of a movie. Anyone on this list who hasn't seen it should get to
> their nearest rental store asap and pick it up. Or better yet, just buy the
> thing. You'll want to watch it more than once.
it is in this film that Bogart gives his finest performance in my opinion

John Lau

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